Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Echoes of Scripture in Matthew 24:30-35: Moses and the Prophets in Jesus' Consolation

A public service announcement for sojourners in Southern Saskatchewan: Professor Ken Guenter will be presenting a paper on Friday as part of this year's Briercrest College and Seminary Colloquium series. The paper is entitled "Echoes of Scripture in Matthew 24:30-35: Moses and the Prophets in Jesus’ Consolation." Here is Ken's abstract:
This article examines a portion of the Olivet Discourse to demonstrate the potential of an interpretive method that begins with Israel’s Scriptures as the primary context for a New Testament discourse. It becomes evident that within the chorus of echoes most originate in the Mosaic covenant and are subsequently developed by the Prophets. These precursor texts in both Moses and the Prophets look forward to Israel’s restoration. The harmony of these voices and ideas engenders confidence within the reader that Jesus is being heard, consoling his disciples from their Scriptures that, though their temple and city will surely be destroyed, Yahweh’s people Israel will never pass away.
This will be the last colloquium of the year, so please join us on Friday, March 15 in room S113 @ 12:30 PM if you can make it out.

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