Friday, May 11, 2012

Touring Classical sites in Turkey and Greece

I have a hard time imagining why anyone would not want to visit Greece, despite its impending financial collapse--well, anyone with an interest in the "Classics", at least. Greece, after all, is popularly regarded as the birthplace of western civilization. It is the home of Homer, the haunt of Plato and Socrates. Need I go on? Who wouldn't want to visit Athens,  Corinth, and Delphia or the royal tombs of Alexander the Great's father in Vergina?

Less well known is the fact that Western Turkey was part of ancient Greece too, and there are more, better preserved accessible archaeological sites from the Greek and Roman periods in Turkey than there are in Greece.

The focus of Briercrest's upcoming study tour of Turkey and Greece is of course NT sites related to the journeys of the apostle Paul and the seven cities of Revelation, so both countries are a must-see. Click here on the map below for a larger view of the sites we'll be visiting:

My colleague Kevin Daugherty and I were also interviewed by Julie Cole for a news article on the trip.