Thursday, June 3, 2021

Koiné Greek Immersive Semester 2.0

This fall Briercrest College and Seminary will be offering its innovative immersive Greek semester for a second time, and there is still room for a few more students in the class.

Our intensive series of five three credit-hour courses is designed to take students from the Greek alphabet to an introductory / intermediate* reading knowledge of ancient Greek, including the Koiné Greek of the New Testament. In our immersive classroom context on the Briercrest College & Seminary campus, students will have the opportunity to learn ancient Greek in ancient Greek, as they would any modern language. Because it is geared to the way people naturally learn languages, an active communicative approach to Koiné Greek leads to deeper and longer-lasting learning than the conventional grammar-translation approach used in most North American academic settings; it also appeals to a wider range of learning styles (and is more fun!)

So if you want:
  • To begin to develop actual fluency in ancient Greek,
  • To read Koiné Greek with better comprehension than you would after a conventional grammar translation course of the same length,
  • And you want to complete a two-year Greek language requirement in one semester,
Then the program might be for you!

The immersive semester will run in-person five days a week throughout the 15-week fall semester, so you will need to relocate to our Canadian campus in order to participate. 

For more information, see the course descriptions (here), as well as my posts about the first immersive semester: