Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Briercrest Turkey-Greece Study Tour Review

From my Twitter feed (@ntdmiller):
May 1: From our hotel on the Med. #BcrestStudyTour
May 2: Long but good day from Antalya to Pamukkale
May 2: Our hotel outside Hierapolis
May 3: Living it up in Laodicea, Hierapolis & Kusadasi
May 4: Fun fact for the day: The Turkish word for lion is Aslan. #BcrestStudyTour #Narnia #C.S.Lewis
May 4: Artemis of the Ephesians
May 9: The view from our hotel room in Thessaloniki
May 10: Our Greek guide reminds me of another They Might be Giants song, unfortunately.
May 10: Sure noticing a lot of Greek inscriptions here...
May 20: Saw lots of these in Turkey and Greece
May 29: 347 photos tagged; another 2250 or so to go #BcrestStudyTour