Sunday, April 19, 2009

Taking Stock

It has been a long semester. My dream of reading Calvin's Institutes in a year gave way in February, just before the end of Book I. Now that classes are over, I have another 1000-1500 pages of essays to mark, as well as 160 or so final exams. (Thankfully, my faculty assistant is helping me out with the latter.) On the bright side, I am almost finished C.K. Barrett's great ICC commentary on Acts, I have kept my New Year's resolution (even taking a pass on the library book sale), and in just over a week I will be on my way to Israel with the Briercrest Israel Study Tour. The marking--well, it can wait until I return if necessary.

Oh, and it looks like we may be in the market for a new garage. A gust of wind ripped off part of our metal garage roof yesterday afternoon. It also burst open our garage walls:

One piece of aluminum got stuck in a tree in our back yard, two more landed several hundred feet away in the field behind our house. Here is the view from our fence (note the red circle):
A close up:


Karen said...

Wow! I'm just glad it was the garage and not the house!

Protomold said...

Hey's the Aerio holding up?

- Giovanni Sempi

d. miller said...

Hi Giovanni Protomold. Nice to hear from you.

The Aerio is doing fine. No damage in the storm and paid off this month, I believe. Israel is nice too.