Monday, May 18, 2009

Israel Trip 1 (April 28-29) - Climate Change

Our convoy of Caronport participants on the Israel tour drove through a blizzard on the way to the airport, the morning of April 28. Some 30 hours later we arrived at the Blue Bay Hotel in Netanya, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea:
(The photo was taken from our hotel room window.)

I'm told the best time to visit Israel is at the beginning of May when the rains are past and before the searing heat of summer sets in. It was certainly true this year. At the start of my last week in Jerusalem I finally donned the fleece and jacket I brought along, but even that wasn't enough to stay warm on the roof of the Hashimi Hotel:
By the end of the week the weather had turned hot and muggy...
...a good time to return to chilly Saskatchewan, where our unusually late spring is just now under way. It apparently snowed here last week, but that's okay, it snowed in Saudi Arabia last week too.
(This is the first in a series of Israel tour posts; the second is here.)

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