Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Twitter Miscellany

A selection of less ephemeral (??) updates from my twitter account (@ntdmiller) since I began tweeting in February:
  • 9 July: Why I suspect the prolific: "[P]erhaps twenty people can write a serious book in a year. Some people lift cars, too." (Annie Dillard)
  • 8 July: Just registered for 
  • 4 July: Contemplating organizing a study tour of Turkey and Greece...
  • Elmer Fudd Wikipedia ()! E.g., "In de Thai generaw ewection, de Pheu Thai Party... wins a wandswide majority..."
  • 30 June:  9 looks great on the NT side; still considering whether it is worth an upgrade for someone focused primarily on the Hebrew Bible
  • 25 June: Great price for a fantastic resource: Randall Buth's Living Biblical Hebrew Part One MP4 Version ()
  • 24 June: Looking for a succinct, scintillating, readable  commentary to use as an upper level undergraduate Biblical Studies textbook.
  • 23 June: Absolutely loving Bruce Fisk's Hitchhiker's Guide to Jesus (). The trick is creating a course to go with the textbook.
  • 19 June: Nothing like having a Hebrew verb paradigm jingle running through your head for days on end.
  • 8 June: "Any humanities professor who comes up with one genuine idea in a lifetime should be recognized." - Mark Bauerlein ()
  • 4 June: "Fulfillment is a byproduct of how people engage their tasks, and can’t be pursued directly." - David Brooks ()
  • 18 May: What's the benefit of a  book priced the same as a printed edition?
  • 13 April: Here's to "a sensory deprivation tank in Siberia"! ...Dale Harris on the crisis in evangelical ecclesiology ().
  • 31 March: Jon Coutts on Rob Bell and the "twitter-fingers of a million popes" ().
  • 30 March: Attractive idea: "The Rules of Writing Group" ()
  • 26 March: "Ideally, we would like to see a decrease in publishing... One good article is worth a dozen mediocre articles."-RDH ()
  • 25 March: -18 C, feels like -27. Welcome spring!
  • 9 March: Noticed Augustine's conversion account in Confessions 8 is a meditation on Rom 7; conversion for A is incomplete without radical life change
  • 25 February: Decided I can't put off reading through Morton Smith's Palestinian Parties any longer.
  • 24 February: Ideal language learning scenario: .
  • 21 February: Ehrman's Forged () looks like unwelcome support for Carson & Moo's Introduction ().
I need to go full-bore on a non-bloggable writing project this month, so posts that require independent thought (such as my unfinished series on Christian prophecy) will be limited--unless the ideas are so distracting they bleed onto the page.

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