Saturday, October 27, 2012

Book of Undergraduate Blunders

To make marking essays more fun, I keep a book of undergraduate "blunders" in which I record student comments that make me smile. These entries from 2005-2007 are old enough to share without embarrassing my current students:
  • The carpeted disciples: “Throughout the land, footwear was removed before entering the house, especially when entering an Upper Room which was very nice and often carpeted, like the disciples were.”
  • Authorship issues: 
    • “Paul’s authorship to the Ephesians ultimately provides the only hope for a world, which stands under divine judgment of sin.” 
    • “Although there is evidence to support both theories, common view holds Paul as the main author of 1 Peter.” 
  • Deification: “Martin [Luther] claims that these verses helps us surpass the first commandment which is: ‘I am the Lord your God.’”
  • The divine plumber: “The Holy Spirit is the third member of the Godhead and works in many different faucets in our lives.”
  • Truth trumps redundancy:
    • “It may sound redundant to say that in order to be God, Jesus had to be God but this is true.” 
    • “Taking off clothes and putting on clothes is a daily routine for almost all of mankind.” 
I'll save the story about Jesus healing the leopard, and the "parable of the sewer" for another time, for "Although scholars have come to believe that the bible is a manuscript that has been read from top to bottom, forwards and backwards, several times; there is still continuously new information being found in the ancient pages that much of society reads."

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