Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'd rather be in Bethlehem

Last year around this time I wrote about receiving a letter from Bethlehem Bible College in Palestine that had an ironic (to me) Israeli postage stamp (click here for the original post):

This year's letter sports the Palestinian Authority's own Christmas stamps:

No irony here: In 1947, 85% of Bethlehem's population were Christian (wikipedia). That this is no longer the case is part of the tragedy of the modern Middle East.

By the way, I visited Bethlehem Bible College in 2009. It is a fine organization, doing important work in a difficult region--well worthy of your support. It is also significantly warmer than my current place of work.

These photos were taken yesterday after last week's blizzard:

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Karen said...

Oh you poor person! We have no snow--but of course, some in the forecast. Yesterday we wore fleeces down-town. Today it is just grey outside. I think I'd prefer snow and your bright blue skies!

I do feel sorry for you having to shovel that off your driveway.