Monday, March 4, 2013

March comes in like a lion

We woke up this morning to at least a foot of new, wet snow:
 Massive drifts (on top of all the snow we already had):
 And beautiful wind sculptures:
Before the latest edition, we could walk up the drift, over our back fence, and onto the prairie. Now the there is a 6 foot wide (at least) platform on top of the drift:


Edith said...

I would probably be ready for that snow to leave. But we haven't even had a nice snow that was more than a couple inches deep - or that lasted more than 24-48 hours. Thanks for the pictures.

Karen said...

Our snow never looks like that. Our piles go on TOP of the fences. Our drifts are all from snow blowers and plows, not the wind--at least not like your wind.

But the kids have built a really cool snow tunnel. They would love to have Shoshana come and play with them in it.