Friday, February 15, 2008

In the Mail...

The wonderful New English Translation of the Septuagint (Oxford, 2007) is available online for free here, but I thought a printed copy would be handy:My own experience studying Modern Hebrew and the repeated injunctions of Randall Buth on the B-Greek list have convinced me that ancient Greek and Hebrew are best learned as spoken languages. As I am scheduled to teach Introductory Greek again next year, I ordered When Dead Tongues Speak after John Hobbins mentioned it in a post on teaching Hebrew as a living language. According to the publisher's blurb, the book "introduces classicists to the research that linguists, psychologists, and language teachers have conducted over the past thirty years and passes along their most important insights." Sounds interesting (to me)!
I'll know I am really a "biblioblogging Jedi Master" when publishers begin to send me free books in the hope that I will mention them on my blog.

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Eric Sowell said...

I'm reading the latter and loving it. I'm getting so many good ideas... Got it just a few days ago and I am almost finished.