Thursday, July 24, 2008

Biblical Languages "Teen Challenge"

Here's John Hobbin's with a variation on Teen Challenge:
"Permit me to dream for a moment. How about a Teen Challenge program of memorization of Scripture in the original languages? Going into the program, inductees would have to have a firm grasp of the languages already, and a commitment to detox from a culture that tells them it’s normal to know dialogue from their favorite TV shows and song from their favorite songstresses by heart, but not Psalm 23 in Hebrew and 1 Corinthians 13 in Greek even if they studied the requisite languages for years. Coming off the program, graduates would be able to pick up their original language Bibles and sight-read a core of important passages with ease and pleasure. A foundation on which to build." (Read the whole post here.)
"My" computer is back, by the way. It's actually a different computer, but with everything set up and (mostly) running the way I had it before. I now have a recent backup of my data too. Nice!


Jim said...

Way to go computer tech people! ;)

RogueMonk said...

And what good would that do for the teen?

d. miller said...

I assume he's working on a teen challenge analogy. These Hebrew and Greek readers won't be troubled teens as much as anyone on "detox from a culture."

RogueMonk said...

I realize that, but I still don't see how Hebrew and Greek would do this detoxing. I'd say there are many things higher on the list than language study if we want to start talking about "detox from culture" (like perhaps, actually being with people and serving them).

d. miller said...


But it is still an attractive dream for those who think learning the biblical languages is valuable and that it is better to maintain the languages.

RogueMonk said...

You have big point there, especially the maintenance thing. I am still pretty good with Greek, but I am sorry to say that my Hebrew is not what it once was.