Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dead Air

It has been a very busy two and a half weeks. We were in Indiana over the long weekend for my sister's wedding: "We have folks who came from as far away as . . . Say-sketch-ee-wan. Did I say that right?" The next day in church I had this awkward conversation:

Lady: Where are you from?
d.: Saskatchewan
Lady: My geography is a little weak. Is that near where your brother lives?
(Long pause, as I ponder whether she thinks Saskatchewan is near the South Asian country where my brother normally resides, or merely near Ontario where he is on leave. I decide on the latter option.)
d.: Um...Saskatchewan is north of North Dakota. My brother lives in Ontario, which is north of Michigan.
Lady: Oh.

The conversation went down-hill from there, as much because of my stunted small-talk skills as anything else. But it was great to be at the wedding and to catch up with family!

Before our Indiana trip I tried unsuccessfully to complete second semester syllabi by our August 31 deadline. This evening I am putting the finishing touches on class prep for Introductory Greek language camp, which begins tomorrow afternoon and runs all day Saturday. Once that is done, I need to prepare for my first Monday evening Greek Exegesis II class. Then, perhaps, I will have time to polish off one of the dozen or so posts fermenting in my draft folder.

Oh, and I'm also trying to teach my daughter how to say upsilon in Reconstructed Koine:
She's got the 'ooh' part down, anyway.


Jim said...

That's funny... I seem to remember my Mom one time saying she was from SK, and someone said,"Oh yes! Isn't the capitol Winnipeg Manitoba?"

Karen said...

You're doing better than I am. I haven't even blogged yet since we got back.

Still think the lady's question was funny.