Friday, December 5, 2008

ἡ παῖς μου περιπατεῖ!*

...Just a couple steps, a couple times this morning, but I think that counts. For logistical reasons we don't have pictures yet. These are from a week ago:

Of course, the event, no matter how dramatic, is of little significance if she does not continue to walk in the days to come--which reminds me of Joel Green's IBR paper a couple weeks ago on "Acts as a Conversionist Narrative." Green claims that the modern view of conversion as an internal event that occurs at a particular point in time is foreign to Luke. Though Luke sometimes compresses a process into a moment, conversion, for Luke, is a journey. I wasn't completely persuaded that Luke thinks conversion is always a process, but the larger point is well taken: Participation in the "Way" must be on-going.

*ἡ παῖς μου περιπατεῖ! means "my child is walking!"


Greek Nerd said...

As an enclitic here, μου should be unaccented. :)

d. miller said...


Karen said...

A few steps is a few steps and that most definitely counts! Good for her! Pretty soon she'll be running,(I can't say that in whatever language you used--its all Greek to me) and then, look out!


ErinOrtlund said...

Wow she's grown! What a beauty.

Good point above, by the way, on not just assuming we're being persecuted for our beliefs, when it could be attitude/hypocrisy, etc.