Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolution

I'm not one to make new year's resolutions, but this seemed an important enough goal to formalize:

I have decided not to purchase any* books in 2009.

With apologies to the publishers and booksellers who I know still need to make a living, I have a serious backlog of books I haven't read, and I am tired of their taunting me from the walls of my study.

*Fine print: Normally there are a few steals in the Archibald Library's annual sale that are too good to pass up. I may make one or two exceptions for books I absolutely need for courses.


Anonymous said...

A very brave New Year's resolution if ever I heard one!!

Anonymous said...

Bold move!

Ben Byerly said...

My wife thinks you are great.

Jim said...

He's finally lost it! (I was going to say "Much learning is driving you mad", but I don't think that would help my case...)

I'm not sure the logic in your fine print will carry you through 2009, though. After all, if a sale is really "too good to pass up", why wouldn't that apply to Or a Christian book store?

And if there are books you "absolutely need" for your courses, why stop at Archibald? If you need them you need them. Buy them anywhere, anytime. What - do you want to get fired?