Saturday, July 4, 2009

Israel Trip 2e (April 30) - Nazareth

We stopped briefly in Nazareth at the closest thing our guide could find to a cliff (see Luke 4:29). The historical village of Nazareth apparently fit within the compound of the Church of the Anunciation somewhere in the valley below:
Across the street from where we stopped is The Morgenthau Absorption Centre, which to a Canadian eye looks like something else:
That's it for Nazareth (I only took two pictures) and our second first day of touring. Stay tuned for day 3 two. (Getting ahead of myself.)

This is the 6th in a series on the 2009 Briercrest Israel Tour:
Israel Trip 1 (April 28-29) - Climate Change
Israel Trip 2a (April 30) - Caesarea
Israel Trip 2b (April 30) - Views from Mt. Carmel
Israel Trip 2c (April 30) - Megiddo
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