Sunday, November 15, 2009

The difference two years make

(For the sake of comparison, consider last year's photo.)

Here is the birthday girl riding her new home-made "hobby horse":

(At first she thought it was a mop.)

In other news, some folks came by a few weeks ago and drove off with our wind-damaged garage:

The new, improved, and larger version is coming along nicely:


Edith said...

So cool...thanks for posting the photos. Hope to maybe see you soon.

Hugs & much love

ErinOrtlund said...

She is growing! So cute.

We were driving around looking at Christmas lights the other day and I mentioned to the kids, "Oh, the Millers are building a new garage. Their old one fell down." Well, Will was super concerned that such a thing could happen and kept asking about this over and over, even days after. I told him a storm had blown the roof off but I'm not sure if that's accurate. So can you clarify, for my son's sake, exactly what happened to your old garage? Thanks. :)

d. miller said...

To clarify: About 1/4 of the metal paneling on the roof was blown off in a freak wind-storm; the two sides of the garage were also blown off the concrete bad. Insurance covered the damage, thankfully. You can tell Will that if it is built right to begin with, your garage should not run into the same trouble.