Monday, December 7, 2009

Anti-Evangelical Bias in Graduate Schools

For those who have been following the tempest-in-a-biblioblog-teapot* caused by Dan Wallace's post** complaining against anti-Dallas Seminary bias among Biblical Scholars, AKMA's comment (scroll down to #38) on the Jesus Creed is the most helpful I've read yet. There's plenty of good advice in the comment thread for students interested in graduate schools too. Update: Don't miss Scot McKnight's response. And Tony Jones's.

*For other posts on the same general subject see Biblia Hebraica, kata ta biblia, Exploring Our Matrix.
**And no, I haven't read all 513 comments in Wallace's comment thread. And yes, I'm baffled by Wallace's claim that most biblical scholars aren't Christians.

For my own thoughts on the intersection between faith and scholarship, see here and here.

In case you are wondering, I'm still recovering from SBL and end-of-term busyness....

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