Saturday, May 21, 2011

C.F.D. Moule on Evangelism and Worship

"[T]he Church lives by evangelism as fire by burning, and a non-evangelizing Church is dead or dying" (8)

"[W]orship, for a truly religious person, is the be all and end all of work; and . . . if worship and work are distinguished, that is only because of the frailty of human nature which cannot do more than one thing at a time. The necessary alternation between lifting up holy hands in prayer and swinging an axe in strong, dedicated hands for the glory of God is the human makeshift for that single, simultaneous, divine life in which work is worship and worship is the highest possible activity" (42-43).

Both quotations are from C.F.D. Moule, The Birth of the New Testament (Black's New Testament Commentaries) (3rd ed.; Harper & Row, 1982)--not the sort of book from which you would typically expect to find practical statements about church life.

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