Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Microsoft Anna reads I Kings 21:20 in Hebrew

I was looking around in BibleWorks 9, and noticed a "Read Text" option, which sounded neat because I occasionally want to double check my Hebrew pronunciation. Evidently "Microsoft Anna" has yet to learn Hebrew:

(I'm really pleased with BibleWorks 9, by the way. A recording in the original languages was probably too much to hope for.)


Unknown said...

That's hilarious! Whenever I get Adobe Reader to read my papers back to me, the funniest sounds come out when the Reader hits Greek or Hebrew. Sounds a lot like "Tick toy-oh-tick, ticktee tookty toque." I'd love if Randall Booth's school could get in contact with Bible Works for some language recording!

Anonymous said...


Have you ever tried Accordance? I love it!

d. miller said...

Hi Anonymous. I've tried Accordance on an emulator. It's the best program for Mac people. For better or worse, I'm tied to a PC, and BibleWorks gives the most bang for one's buck on the Windows platform.

d. miller said...

I should note that there is now a way to play the text of the Hebrew Bible. Follow this link for the details: