Thursday, January 5, 2012

My youngest Hebrew student

I started teaching Shoshana the Hebrew alphabet to vary her bed-time routine. Then I gave her Hebrew alphabet magnets for Christmas to help her learn the shapes. The first time she recited them all on her own she announced,

"I'm learning! Pretty soon I'll be able to go to SBL!"

This evening I showed her the first few videos from the Biblical Language Center's excellent Living Biblical Hebrew MP4. As it turns out, she's been making pretty good progress on the numbers too:

Click here for a sample of the first Living Biblical Hebrew picture lesson. Simple enough "that even a child can follow," as they say.


Kate Weiss said...

Where did you get the magnets? And do they have greek ones also?

d. miller said...

Hi Kate,
Here's a link to the Hebrew magnets:

It's an Israeli company so they are strictly Hebrew. Let me know if you find Greek ones!

d. miller said...

Here's one:

Edith said...

What is SBL

d. miller said...

Follow the hyperlink in the post for a description (which also relates to Shoshana). : )

Karen said...

That's great! They say the younger they learn, the easier it is. What are you going to do though when she understands what you are saying about her.

Can't watch the video now as D is here on the phone. I'll come back later.