Sunday, January 22, 2012

More on the influence of E.P. Sanders

As a footnote to my earlier post on the influence of E.P. Sanders, I observe that Sanders and Jacob Neusner are the only living scholars of early Judaism to merit a biographical entry in the Eerdmans Dictionary of Early Judaism. (If memory serves, it was disagreement between Sanders and Neusner that prompted Sanders' Jewish Law from the Jesus to the Mishnah.)

The full list of biographical entries in the Eerdmans Dictionary is as follows:

Bickerman, Elias
Bousset, Wilhelm
Charles, Robert Henry
Goodenough, Erwin Ramsdell
Hengel, Martin
Moore, George Foote
Neusner, Jacob
Sanders, Ed Parish
Schürer, Emil
Smith, Morton
Tcherikover, Victor (Avigdor)
Wolfson, Harry Austryn

Who else should have been included?


Ken Penner said...

Living? Tov. Collins.

d. miller said...

Since Collins is an editor it would no doubt have been awkward to include an entry on him. But where does one stop?

Ken Penner said...

Taking the risk of this becoming a "Top Ten" list, I could imagine including Kutscher, Segal, Sukenik, Yadin, Vermes, Charlesworth, James, Nickelsburg, VanderKam. Some of them led very interesting lives. Others are simply influential.