Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jesus Asked

I listened to the first four podcasts of Conrad Gempf's excellent little entry-level book, Jesus Asked (Zondervan, 2003), on the way to Regina this morning. The entire audio book, recorded and narrated by Gempf himself, is available for free here. The "script" is engaging and the recording is easy on the ears. If I have time before the semester begins, I will listen to more as I have already jotted down some good ideas to use in my first year Gospels course. I may have to order a hard copy and consider it as a textbook. (The book, by the way, is about the questions Jesus asked.)

Gempf's blog, "Not Quite Art, Not Quite Living," has been on hiatus since September of this year, which is unfortunate. A blog name that echoes one of my favourite DA songs must be worth reading.

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