Thursday, January 10, 2008


Eric Ortlund, my OT colleague in the Seminary here at Briercrest, has started a blog entitled Scatterings. Eric is a gentleman and a scholar; he also has a wicked sense of humour, which he has apparently passed along to his son.

For a sampling from Scatterings, check out this post on "Englightenment vs. Communal Learning." Excerpt:
I started a OT study group last semester at the seminary. I told the guys on the first day that I wanted this to be intentionally different from how the Bible is usually studied in seminaries and professional societies in North America....So I told the guys on the first day that I wanted to rebel a bit in our study group. First, it would be an exercise in communal learning: we would learn not so much from each other (although that would happen), but together. If I think I can just go off by myself and learn all there is to know about the Bible, I'm kidding myself. Second, we would not be experts, we would be beginners; instead of having pre-established methods which we brought to the text, we were going to start each chapter fresh, always feeling a little off balance, always feeling that we might need to re-think how we approached the text at all.
I wish I had time to join.

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