Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Common Judaism: Explorations in Second-Temple Judaism

My complimentary copy of Common Judaism: Explorations in Second-Temple Judaism (Wayne O. McCready and Adele Reinhartz, eds.; Minneapolis: Fortress, 2008) arrived in the mail this afternoon. It is a collection of essays, including one by David M. Miller, that were originally presented at a SSHRC-funded workshop at the University of Calgary in 2005. It was a fabulous conference. The highlight, of course, was the chance to meet and interact with E.P. Sanders. I'm glad to see the book finally in print.

There's a link to the table of contents here.


Michael Pahl said...

Congrats on getting this published! I remember that conference well, having attended it as a guest as a doctoral student. It certainly was a treat to meet E.P. Sanders.

Isaac Gross said...

Congratulations David!