Sunday, March 29, 2009

E.M. Forster on Sainthood, Hermeneutics, and Truth

"It was, in a new form, the old, old trouble that eats the heart out of every civilization: snobbery, the desire for possessions, creditable appendages; and it is to escape this rather than the lusts of the flesh that saints retreat into the Himalayas" - E. M. Forster, A Passage To India (London: Edward Arnold & Co., 1947), 251.
"Although her hard school-mistressy manner remained, she was no longer examining life, but being examined by it; she had become a real person" (254).
...and Truth:
"But . . . her behaviour rested on cold justice and honesty; she had felt, while she recanted, no passion of love for those whom she had wronged. Truth is not truth in that exacting land unless there go with it kindness and more kindness and kindness again, unless the Word that was with God also is God. And the girl's sacrifice--so creditable according to Western notions--was rightly rejected, because, though it came from her heart, it did not include her heart" (254-5).
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