Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dreaming of Spring: Reading Groups

Normally around this time of year I dream about traveling to some far away place, but since I get to go to Israel this spring, I've found myself dreaming about what I'll have time to do when I return. For instance, I'm looking forward to starting a reading group again this summer. Here are some ideas:
  • The Greek Testament of Abraham. A few of us started working through the Testament of Abraham in Greek last summer. The text is seriously funny, relatively easy Greek, and based on a familiar story--all in all, great practice.
  • The Rule of the Congregation (1QSa). I worked through this DSS in grad school. It would be good for me to do it again, and fun to work through with a few others who like reading unpointed Hebrew in their spare time.
  • The Apostolic Fathers. I read through the Didache in a Greek reading group several years ago now. I'd love to do more--maybe 1 Clement for starters?
  • Paleography 101. Who would not want to read from an ancient manuscript of the Greek New Testament? P46 anyone?
And no, it's not spring here yet. To be fair, I took these picture earlier this week, and it has been trying to thaw since then, but there is still plenty of snow around, and we will likely get more before this long winter is done.

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