Friday, March 13, 2009

Genius and Biblical Scholarship

Difficult as it is to accept one's own limitations, there are giants and there are ordinary mortals. David Flusser, by all accounts, was one of the giants:
. . . the audience, composed mostly of graduate student “groupies,” was mesmerized by his lectures, even if they did seem to jump from subject to subject. While sometimes even these students found some of his musings seemingly incoherent, upon further reflection they (and I) often realized how absolutely brilliant they were, even if totally unconventional at times. There was a method to all this, and it clearly was the method of a creative scholar, humanist, and genius. And it was all outstanding classroom theater. Flusser was at home in Hebrew (and in a dozen or so other languages) . . . (From Joshua Schwartz's RBL review.)

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