Thursday, May 13, 2010

EndNote Output Styles for Biblical Studies Journals

During the past three years I modified the poorly executed Society of Biblical Literature output style supplied by EndNote, and used it to create new output styles for the journals Catholic Biblical Quarterly, Currents in Biblical Research, and Novum Testamentum (footnotes only). To my relief, the IS department had my data backed up, so I was able to recover the work I thought I had lost. Click on the links below to download the styles:

Society of Biblical Literature
Catholic Biblical Quarterly
Currents in Biblical Research
Novum Testamentum

The styles are provided as is. Some more fine tuning may be necessary.

Finally, this post links to the revised EndNote RIS style and the modified Zotero translator that I used to import my database into Zotero. Zotero already has an SBL style that works well; CBQ, CBR and NovT have yet to be created. When I get around to creating or translating them into Zotero, I will link to them as well. (Alternatively, if anyone would like to translate them, I'll be glad to make use of the translated versions!)


Ken Penner said...

The others aren't there, but isn't SBL style available at ?

d. miller said...

Yes, the SBL style is there, and it works pretty well.

nicholas meyer said...

the sbl style in zotero has at least one minor flaw: subsequent journal article citations include the volume before the page number --
Johns, "Happy Scholar," 8:249.

d. miller said...

Thanks, Nick. Unfortunately, changing styles in Zotero is rather technical. I've been waiting for the new version (2.1), which is supposed to implement an improved style language (CSL 1.0), before making serious changes.