Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fron EndNote to Zotero: Take Two

This rather technical post has nothing to do with the above picture, which I took on our way back from Buffalo Pound last week. It is rather a follow-up to this description of the process I used to import my EndNote library into Zotero:

With help from the Zotero Forums and the excellent free Komodo Edit utility, I successfully modified the javascript for the Zotero RIS translator so that it imports my all-important "Date Read" and "Label" EndNote fields into the sortable Zotero "libraryCat" and "Rights" fields, and so that the "Series Number", "Number of Volumes" and "Edition" fields can be translated.

I also made extensive changes to my Revised version of EndNote's RIS Output style so that it interfaces with Zotero's RIS translator and correctly (for the most part) captures all (or almost all) *my* data. Since the EndNote data entry process is flexible, I can't guarantee that it will correctly capture anyone else's data, but it should work as a starting point that improves on the current filters available through Zotero and EndNote. Feel free to download the following files and modify them as you wish, but don't hold me responsible for what happens to your data (or your computer)!

Zotero RIS translator (created by Simon Kornblith; modified by me): RIS.js (I will post the relevant code on the relevant Zotero Forum.)
EndNote RIS Output style (I deleted all but the following reference types: Journal Article, Book, Book Section, Edited Book, Encyclopedia, Conference Paper, Newspaper Article, Thesis, Unpublished Work, Web Page): RefMan (RIS) Export Revised

Update: My final (?) Zotero post is a wishlist.

Regular non-Zotero-related blogging will resume soon.


Rich Griese said...

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I am always interested in meeting others that are interested in the study of earliest christianity to have ongoing conversations and share reading lists, etc... you can contact me by email at RichGriese@gmail.com

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d. miller said...

Hi Rich,

I share your interest in earliest Christianity. Have you read Arland Hultgren's, The Rise of Normative Christianity? It is worth reading in conversation with Walter Bauer.


d. miller