Saturday, November 3, 2007

Academic Blogroll

I began reading ״Biblioblogs" back in 2003 around the time that Jim Davila started PaleoJudaica. Mark Goodacre began his NT Gateway blog shortly thereafter, and I gradually became aware of a handful of others, which I added to my list of favorites. Since then the number of Bibliobloggers has exploded beyond the ability of any sane, employed person to follow. (But see this month's Biblical Studies Carnival and the follow-up Map of the World of Bible Bloggers for a noble attempt.)

Yesterday I added an Academic Blogroll to this blog that lists the 20 or so academic blogs I now track with Bloglines. This is not as hard as it looks, as several of my favorite bloggers--including Codex, Hypotyposeis, the stuff of earth, Jesus, Paul, and Luke, and the peerless Ralph the Sacred River--no longer post regularly. (They must not be on sabbatical.)

I seldom add new blogs to my roll simply because I have enough here to keep me occupied, but if you comment nicely on my blog--as John Hobbins did last night--I may just be tempted!

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Stephen C. Carlson said...

Sorry for the slow down in posting, but thanks for noticing!