Friday, February 19, 2010

From Resurrection to New Creation

Fellow blogger Michael W. Pahl's new book, From Resurrection to New Creation: A First Journey in Christian Theology (Eugene, OR: Cascade, 2010), arrived in the mail this morning.

The back cover includes blurbs by Michael J. Gorman, Scot McKnight, Daniel Kirk, and David M. Miller. Here's what the latter had to say:
"A splendid little book that explores the essentials of Christian theology in a fresh, lively, and insightful manner. By beginning with the resurrection, Pahl is able to make a point about both the center of Christian theology and how to do theology in a way that takes seriously the New testament's historical context. Highly recommended!"

The book makes for good and insightful reading in its own right--it is a splendid little book. Because it is a little book, it will be especially well-suited in church contexts (if churches teach about God these days) or in entry level college courses.

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Isaac said...

I'm probably taking Kirk's The Cross in the New Testament class next quarter. Very cool little blurb.