Thursday, July 5, 2007

Turkey Travelogue 4 - Kuşadasi (June 7-10)

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The bus from Izmir let us off on a main street and, if it were not for the skillful planning of D.&D., I would have been hopelessly lost--even after studying the map in the Lonely Planet guide. Modern Kuşadasi is a resort town on the Aegean, built around an old village with narrow streets designed for people, and used by motorcycles. Most of the pensions, and apparently most of the tourists, are located in the old part of town. In the end, getting there was quite simple: It involved walking down hill farther than we expected. When we arrived, we were exhausted from a long day in Pergamum and several hours of travel. The sun had set, and there was no way we would find our first choice of pension on our own. Enter friendly Turks, who called the pension for us. Despite my referring to it as the "Golden Bear" instead of the "Golden Bed" a representative eventually found us and led us--uphill now--through the maze to the room where we stayed for the next three nights:
And for the next three mornings we enjoyed Turkish breakfast on the rooftop terrace:On our final evening in town, we strolled down to the waterfront for a photo-op:
I wish we had taken more pictures--of the Eros Clothing store, for instance, which advertised clothes for "Man, Women, and Baby"--but ruins, not resorts, were my main reason for visiting Turkey.

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