Monday, October 8, 2007

Turkey Travelogue 10b - Hiking the Cappadocian Valleys 2

The views on our hike were spectacular, we encountered very few people, and, as a bonus, I got my own little multi-storey cave-climbing adventure. It all started with a rickety wooden ladder:Despite my fear of heights...
and a slight discomfort with narrow enclosed spaces (are there snakes in Cappadocia?),
this was one experience I couldn't pass up.
There's a white 7$ Superstore hat in each of the following pictures (click to enlarge):
I made it as far as the leftmost dovecote (circled in red):

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Karen said...

That is cool! What did you see inside.

Just catching up.

d. miller said...

Just dust and bird droppings. The little holes you can see are dovecotes. No snakes, fortunately.