Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Turkey Travelogue 10c - Hiking the Cappadocian Valleys 3

We took few pictures on the remainder of our hike because, apart from a nice lunch break, we were concentrating on moving our increasingly tired feet, and finding a way out without retracing our steps.
Near the head of Meskendir Valley we found a road that went more-or-less straight up...
We ended up on the plateau way above Göreme and well behind the Open-Air Museum:Six hours after beginning our trek, we arrived back in Göreme hot, sweaty, and more than a little tired. Since we had already moved out of our room, and chances of a shower before our overnight bus ride back to Istanbul were slim, we decided to cool off in one of Göreme's many empty restaurants. What followed was one of the most unusual of our encounters in Turkey: I attempted to order ice cream from a waiter who knew as much English as I knew Turkish. We eventually concluded that whatever the menu might say, there was no ice cream to be had, and settled down to our tea and Turkish coffee as we watched the waiter wander across the street. A few minutes later he returned, bowl full of ice cream in hand! Evidently, service is a big thing in Turkey.
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