Saturday, October 13, 2007

Why I like living in Saskatchewan

I got a call the other day from an alumni rep at McMaster University ostensibly to stay in touch, but really to raise money for the school. I did what I normally do in such situations--try to be polite, answer in English, and tune out.

A few minutes into our conversation, my interlocutor, who must have known I did a Ph.D. in religious studies at McMaster, started telling me I should "really" apply for a job at Redeemer University College just outside of Hamilton. She had apparently taken classes at Redeemer and was therefore qualified to affirm that all the professors love teaching there. This took me by surprise, as she did not realize until I enlightened her that my Caronport, SK living address is in Canada and, as far as I recall, she never inquired whether I enjoy working in my current position.

If I had not tuned out, I might have thought to mention that I enjoy living in a place where I can gaze out my study window onto the open prairie, but I was too busy looking through binoculars at our friendly neighborhood orange cat "playfully" batting a dazed mouse around our back yard.

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Edith said...

This made me laugh - especially the part about using binoculars to watch the orange cat and the mouse. Yuck!